Irog Kita

Iniirog kita. No other translation can ever, at least, meet the degree of feelings whenever this phrase is stated. It can be the superlative of the superlative of ‘Iniibig kita’. Did you just feel that emphasis? Yes? This phrase seems like it encompasses every feeling one can ever feel. Thus calling somebody ‘irog’ must be so, so, so, and so in love. This couple, Toni and Arcie, is one living proof.

The couple went to the very root of our history and decided to hold their union in a classic place where old Filipino houses during the Spanish era are built. The place echoes class, and which resonated in the wedding. Zandra Lim‘s sequenced gown went together with the theme and gave a touch of modernity without revealing too much. Icebox Imaging, meanwhile, was able to go back to the old era, capture these moments, and rewrote history. Now, let’s relive these times.

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Photographer: Icebox Imaging / Videographer: The Rewind Media / Bridal Gown : Zandra Lim / Wedding Coordinator: Events Avenue / Event Styling: Ghia Angela Tagle-Curtis / Ceremony, Reception, Catering, Cake: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar / Officiant: Rev. Fr. Alexander M. Llante / Stationery: Maika Torres / Wedding Singer: Terazza Band / Hair and Make Up: Charis Torres / Bridal shoes: Charles and Keith / Suits: Pons Tailoring / Groom shoes: Salvatore / Wedding bands: Mayfair Jewelry


To The Summit

An engagement shoot can be challenging and taxing, especially if it’s done outdoors. At the same time, shooting outside the studio or indoors is way more fun. Despite how difficult the location may be or the inclement weather, the outcome will always be worth the challenge.

You may have already seen couples who had their e-session outside the country, others who chose the sea to be the backdrop, and others who went the extra miles, only literally. Just like Paul and Lian who trekked miles to get a taste of the paradise, that is Mt. Pulag.

While embraced by the cool wind, this couple caught the sunrise that gave them warm kisses. The sun was starting to peak in as the couple started posing fashionably in front of the lens. It seems like this session also became a travel blog captured beautifully by Chestknots Studios. Every photo, nonetheless, feels like we are following the journey of this young couple.

Let’s tread this path, hold my hand, and never let go.

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Photographer: Chestknots Studios / Styling: Lifestyle by Feliz / Videographer: Notion in Motion / Make Up: Lian Capili