Real love sees no age, gender, or race. It looks past the wrinkles in your face, your height, and your skin color. It is not about mere understanding, but of acceptance despite diversity. And this is what we felt while browsing through these photos.

These are from the e-session of Andal and Kaye who seemed like portraying different cultures, hence diverse. You will see a touch of Parisian in one photo, another will give you a fusion of Spanish and boho-chic, and one embodies a Muslim couple. This session is simple yet rivetingly meaningful. We thank Team Benitez Photo for sharing these stills.

AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---1 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---2 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---3 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---4 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---5 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---6 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---7 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---8 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---9 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---10 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---11 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---12 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---13 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---14 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---15 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---16 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---17 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---19 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---20 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---21 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---22 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---23 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---24 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---25 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---26 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---27 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---28 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---29 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---30 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---31 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---32 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---33 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---34 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---35 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---36 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---37 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---38 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---39 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---40 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---41 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---42 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---43 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---44 AndalKaye-Prenup-FB---45

Location: Tagaytay Highlands / Stylist: The Wanderlust Productions / Hair and Make Up: Chalk Santos / Gowns: Wilcon Nińo Franco Limon / Photographer: Team Benitez Photo

Hills and Waters

Today is June 1 and it’s back to school. It also means the end of the summer season. But before we bid goodbye to the summer–and although Mr. Sun will still be with us–here is our “huling hirit sa tag-init”.

We feature today the engagement session of Virgil and Misty in the enchanting island of Malalison. This then-unheard humble paradise in Antique is slowly gaining some attraction from tourists, and we thank this couple and Love Train Studios for introducing this to us. We are mystified by the beauty of the island.

Love Train Studios is right when they said embellishment and fancy props were no longer needed for the shoot when the nature can speak for itself as the couple let themselves got lost and be with the island. Kudos to the team for capturing these mystical moments!

Anyway, because of this, we will make sure to include this island in our next summer getaway list.

Misty-Virgil-engagement-01 Misty-Virgil-engagement-02 Misty-Virgil-engagement-03 Misty-Virgil-engagement-04 Misty-Virgil-engagement-05 Misty-Virgil-engagement-06 Misty-Virgil-engagement-07 Misty-Virgil-engagement-08 Misty-Virgil-engagement-09 Misty-Virgil-engagement-10 Misty-Virgil-engagement-11 Misty-Virgil-engagement-12 Misty-Virgil-engagement-13 Misty-Virgil-engagement-14 Misty-Virgil-engagement-15 Misty-Virgil-engagement-16 Misty-Virgil-engagement-17 Misty-Virgil-engagement-18 Misty-Virgil-engagement-19 Misty-Virgil-engagement-20 Misty-Virgil-engagement-21 Misty-Virgil-engagement-22 Misty-Virgil-engagement-23 Misty-Virgil-engagement-24 Misty-Virgil-engagement-25 Misty-Virgil-engagement-26 Misty-Virgil-engagement-27 Misty-Virgil-engagement-28 Misty-Virgil-engagement-29 Misty-Virgil-engagement-30

Photographer: Love Train Studios / Hair and Make Up: Bride / Location: Malalison Island, Culasi, Antique