Today’s feature truly defines and encapsulates what the word unconventional means. From the color motif down to the nitty gritty stuff, this wedding is uniquely different.

First, let’s talk about the color motif which is Marsala. Though it is the lucky color of the year, couples tend to choose a lighter or a cooler shade unlike Marsala that echoes power. The aggressiveness of the color was apparently toned down by white and DIYs which were all made by the bride who was in turn supported by the groom. Second, look at the wedding cake. It is a ruffled cake and accentuated by Krispy Kreme donuts which might have been the couple’s favorite. Third, can this wedding be more different with that almost knee-length cut wedding gown? That’s interestingly odd. What a ballsy choice by the bride. Thanks to the people from A&A Photography for capturing these amazing moments of their union.

With all these unique things, however, their love for each other is evident. And that’s the only thing that is utterly ordinary yet meaningful. Love is always present. It wins. #lovewins

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Preparation: Canyon Woods Residential Resort, Tagaytay / Ceremony: Chapel on the Hill / Reception: Sonya’s Garden / Photographer and Videographer: A&A Photography / Hair and Make Up: The Pink Brush Hair and Make Up Studio by Leah Lim / Flowers: Minerva Bronzal Felicisimo

Road to Forever


We often see this trend on Facebook, Twitter, or on Instagram. And we even see this hashtag on memes floating around the social stratosphere. But is there really #WalangForever?

We beg to disagree! Here on Merry To Marry, we believe in forever. Forever is a destination to another journey. There is a road to Forevermore! And to illustrate this, we are glad to feature the engagement session of Ralph and Rhea.

Spearheaded by Pol Espino, this shoot was taken in a high road in Tanay, Rizal. This shoot somewhat symbolizes what this couple is about to take to forever. The road might be smooth, but it may also be craggy. And this is the challenge for every married couple, how to stay on track and not to be derailed.

We love the attack on the photos. It’s simple yet compelling. This shoot may also make you believe in forever. Turn #WalangForever to #MayForever.

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Photographer:  Pol Espino Photography / Make Up: Azhyl Gobe / Car Rental: Obet Roldan / Location: Tanay, Rizal