As we look at the wedding photos of this joyful couple, Chester and Rhea,  we cannot help but notice how bright this event has been. The sky, the color motif, and the smiles are all blindingly, beaming bright.

The guests wear light colored dresses and even the groom himself is in a whimsical washed violet suit. We are totally digging the style, especially that tie. The styling of the wedding, meanwhile, goes well with the serene place that is Misibis Bay. It has emerged as a popular backdrop for weddings, and we are not complaining. Above all, we are loving the smiles of everyone that warm and light up the mood.

We thank Ruffa and Mike Photography for sharing these captured moments. We love it. Totally.

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Photographer: Ruffa and Mike Photography / Preparation, Ceremony, and Reception: Misibis Bay

Mystic Love

The title itself is very fitting to today’s feature as we present the engagement session of Raygan and Charm in Minalungao National Park. Mind you, the photos are equally mystifying and we cannot thank CamZar Photography enough for pulling this one off.

The styling of the session is spot on as it goes together with the bewildering mood of the backdrop. With the calmness of the water, the toughness of high-rock formations, and serenity of clouds and trees, the session becomes more enchanting. The raft purposefully serves more of as a symbol of how smooth sailing the couple’s relationship has been and will be than being a mere accessory. The last two photos will pull every inch of hair in your body, we bet. We cannot say anything to describe it but it is eternal.

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Photographer: CamZar Photography / Hair and Make Up: Paloma Santibanez / Venue: Mialungao National Park