And the long weekend has finally come to an end, but do not fret as we have a double feature for our dearest readers to lighten up your day before you dive yourselves to work. You are in for a treat we say, as we showcase the engagement and wedding sessions of Ryan and Arlette.

This union is extra special as this couple celebrates 15 years of being civilly married. To mark that more-than-a-decade being together, crystals were strewn over. From the Vidal Clayton gowns worn in the e-session and the Rosa Clara stunning gown down to every detail in the venue, crystals were used to symbolize the milestone that the couple has reached. We applaud every supplier who helped achieve this sparkling wedding, especially Teddy Manuel for those bewitching floral arrangements and event styling. Also, thanks to Blufish Photography for these stills. You just proved that you are one of the biggest and ‘baddest’ fishes in the wedding scene today.

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Engagement Session: Styling / Hair and Make Up: Angel Salian of The Make Up Studio by Madge Lejano / Gowns: Vidal Clayton of Cecilio Abad Design Team / Ms. Pam Andal for the venue

Wedding: Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Make Up: Madge Lejano / Hair: Steve Pagsanjan / Bouquet and entourage flowers: Teddy Manuel / Venue Styling: Teddy Manuel / Gown: Rosa Clara / Entourage Gowns: Vidal Clayton of Cecilio Abad Design Team / Bride’s Accessories: Beaubouquet Shop / Suit: Edwin Tan / Coordination: Kutchie Zaldarriaga of Getting Married Phils. / Invites: Print Cafe / Cake: Penk Ching / Hosted: Atom Ungson / Entertainment provided by Jai Aracama and the UP Concert Chorus and The Manila Pen Strings / Souvenirs: Chef Moley / Lights and Sounds: Sensitivity / Photographer: Blufish Photography


Looking at these photos feels like browsing a wedding magazine or catalogue. It seems like everything in the union of James and Dorothy has fallen into places: the backdrop, the details, and the guests themselves. Even the sudden downpour at the reception has brought in enthralling moments. Each photo justifies how faultless this union has been.

You will probably agree with us that among these perfections, that J’Aton Couture gown easily stands out. That is hands down the most compelling and jaw dropping wedding gown we have ever laid eyes on. We have not seen anything like it before; it is simple and sexy but not revealing too much. It resoundingly spells out one word: elegance. We thank Metrophoto for beautifully capturing this event. These photos have made this union utterly ‘more’ perfect.

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Photographer: Metrophoto / Gown: J’Aton Couture / Wedding Coordinator: Amanda Tirol / Venue: Shangri-La Boracay