The Bridge of Love

Marriage is like a bridge connecting two people. It connects two hearts to become one. Marriage also strengthens the relationship of the couple, despite all differences, misunderstandings, and problems that they may encounter. It is like a bridge that remains sturdy despite the troubled, roaring water that may pass through under it. Today as we talk about marriage and bridges, we bring to you The Gallery Photo’s take on the engagement shoot of Billy and Anna wherein the main backdrops were different bridges in Singapore.

You will enjoy skimming through the pre nup photos of this couple as we do. The Gallery Photo has captured creative shots in the Anderson and Cavenagh bridges while there was a flock of locals that gave authenticity and story to every photo. This shoot also highlights how these bridges were aesthetically and architecturally built. It is worthy to be photographed, nonetheless.

See the photos below and wait for our succeeding posts in the days to come as we continue to be the ‘bridge’ to your dream wedding.

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Photographer: The Gallery Photo



Up until today, there are some Chinese families who strongly uphold to their traditions, particularly in weddings. But there are some nowadays who veers away from the norm and wants something really different, like our featured couple today.

Andy and Jen chose to be on the other side of the spectrum which is far from the conservative Chinese wedding traditions. They opted for a colorful and more meaningful one, wherein pastel colors were the theme and motif of the union. This was evident to the unique wedding gown of the bride that is full of colors and complemented by the intricate details of it. The burst of colors were even transcended to the reception area. We can’t thank Larry Leong enough for sharing these gleefully photos. It is contagious!

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Gown: Frankie De Leon / Event Styling & Flowers: FJ Sionson / Wedding Coordinator: Zyndee Co / Make Up: Keighty Wong / Photographer: Larry Leong / Videographer: Marvin Barbarona / Venue: Century Hotel / Church: Manila Cathedral