Aishite Imasu

Knowing the story how the couple, Angel and Susie, ended up with a Japanese-themed wedding makes sense. Their love for each other blossomed when both of them lived and worked in Japan before. It blossomed beautifully like cherry blossoms slowly and fleetingly fall from the branches in thin air. It is a romantic story fit for an equally romantic event.

Fernbrook Gardens could not be any more fitting to hold this union, especially with the tiniest details in the reception. White, rustic, and minimalist were the setup of and accented every table which added aesthetic value. The Japanese dolls and chopsticks completed the whole look, indeed. Kudos to Bliss and Berries team for witnessing these blossomed moments.

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Church: St Jerome Emiliani and Sta Susana Parish / Venue: Fernbrook Gardens / Preparation: Bellevue Manila / Photographer and Videographer: Bliss and Berries / Catering: K by Cunanan Catering / Gown: Garrey Garduque of Jose Domingo bride / Groom’s Suit: Arrow / Bridal Bouquet: Vatel Manila / Entourage Bouquet: Cheri Handicrafts / Lights and Sounds: Aljoe Mix / Bridal Car: Bridal Car Philippines / Cake: Vienna Cakes / Invitation: Perfect Designs



This is another beach wedding for our dearest readers. Today, we feature the retro-feel union of Jayson and Sheree in the fatally beautiful, enigmatic island of Boracay. Add the exquisiteness that Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa can bring and then you would witness a gorgeous wedding.

What we really love about this wedding the most is the sun ray that beams throughout the event. Mr. Sun’s radiance goes together with the happiness that every person in the event has exuded. We just do not know how Kent Lazarraga and the rest of Orange Studio deal with Mr. Sun. It seems like they have captured radiantly beautiful moments, though. We love how the contrast that has been used to create stunning photos. And oh, that Veluz’ sheer gown is otherworldly, isn’t it?

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Preparation, Ceremony, and Reception: Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa / Coordination and Decor: Amanda Tirol / Flowers: Vatel Manila / Photographer: Orange Studio / Gown: Veluz / Videographer: Mayad Studios