Sun Shines

Bed weather. Alert!

It is the season, again, when it feels like leaving your bed is such a crime. It seems like you could just stare blankly as the sheets of rain pour down by the window all day long. Or just binge-watch any series while munching on your porridge or cereals. But hey, however cool or gloomy it seems, get up as we bring a new feature that will surely brighten up your day.

Today, we share with you the grand wedding of Markson and Janice through the photographs snapped by Metrophoto. It is only fitting that this team handled a wedding as grand as this. You can see how Metrophoto was able to translate the exquisiteness that this union has been to pictures. It was colorful and sharp as seen in reception. It was vibrant!

So scroll down if you want your day to be as vibrant as these!

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Photographer: Metrophoto / Bride’s Gown: Francis Libiran / Hair and Make Up: Albert Kurniawan / Preps: Makati Shangri-La / Venue: Sanctuario de San Antonio

All Aboard

Peace. Love. And sandy feet. These were three things painted on signboards as one walked in to the venue for Baba and Lisa’s wedding; three things that were also apparent during the consecrated event.

First, this event echoes peace and tranquility with the relaxing yet inviting feature of Boracay. Also this wedding is filled with love. You can see how very happy this couple and the guests were and how Boracay celebrated with everyone. Lastly, how extremely beautiful the background was. Every thing is on point and a Teddy Manuel trademark. Of course, Nice Print team was a very good choice. The pictures have a crisp tone in it that makes it more lively.

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Photographer: Nice Print Photography / Coordination: Boracay Weddings / Styling: Teddy Manuel