Memories of Bali

Given with much both time and money, where do you want to get married? Are you gonna go to any European city, tread the roads in Latin countries, or walk by the Asian shores? While you are thinking of a good option, let’s see where Daniel and Selly headed and got hitched.

This couple flew a few miles away from Manila and went straight to Bali, Indonesia to vow as man and wife. With the charter planes, the union was soaring. Just like the wedding, the photographer team, Jayson and Joanne, soared really high with these memories from Bali.

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Photographer: Jayson and Joanne Arquiza

Desert Not Deserted

Jed Calara tells us how he had great time shooting the engagement shoot of James and Ayen. First, he stresses how fun to shoot and be with the wackiest couple, as he dubbed. And second, the background is nothing short of spectacular, shooting in the middle of Sahara Desert.

Calara did not disappoint as he was able to capture breathtaking photos of the couple in the fine sand of the middle east. We love the night rendering shots as it shows the beauty of the desert while the sun sets. We love how this shoot did not desert us.

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Photographer: Jed Calara Photography