First and Last

“Finally after ten years”, we witnessed this occasion. Thanks to Dino and Aina for inspiring us and making us realize that there are things that truly last. Looking at the photos, we feel like ten years was just yesterday. Kudos to Metrophoto for capturing and taking us back at that very moment in a dramatic way.

The wedding was so slick and dangerously sexy. The entourage was in black and white—and plum as an accent—ensemble that completely matched those descriptions. To add, that sheer and lace Veluz’ gown was magnificently appealing. We drooled over that one, for sure. And oh, speaking of expectoration, we heard that guests were treated in a culinary delight and drunken revelry. Jealous!

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Gown: Veluz / Make-up: Eddie Bruan / Coordination: Banquets ‘n Blooms by June Abesamis / Photographer: Metrophoto / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Florist: Floral Details (entourage) and The Contemporary Florals (church and reception) / Caterer: VS&F Classic Food International / Emcee: Loanne Macapagal

Black and White

Sorry girls, but Mr. Back-up Extraordinaire just got married. The former Parokya Ni Edgar’s vocalist, Vinci, and his stunning lass, Jen, have finally tied the knot. The couple opted for a black and white motif that gave the event an Oscar vibe. The groom looked like a classic lad in his white suit and bow tie, whereas his groomsmen were adorably stylish. And the bride was no less than a lovely one, of course.

You will sense through the pictures, taken by Pictratto, the elegance that this wedding exuded. This was a sophisticated one, so to speak. Thank you, Vinci, for proving that “Boys Do Fall In Love”. And to Jen, this guy must have been really in love with you, mare!

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Photographer: Pictratto / Videographer: Aisle 1401 / Events Coordination: Epic Events Coordination