Her Prince

Our very own editor has finally got hitched last Saturday, and it was divinely stunning. Of course, we say that without any touch of subjectivism especially after witnessing it. We cannot wait to share to you the captured moments on their wedding day, but before that, we feature Cheloy and Cess’ equally stunning photos from their engagement.

Singapore has been a special place for the couple as they worked and lived together in this concrete jungle for quite some time. As their second home, the bustling streets of the city, the ever-efficient   train station, and historic landmarks of China Town and Little India, among the few, became the backdrop. It is so lovely to see this couple crossing and walking against the ocean of strangers while hands held tight and lips locked against each other as if no one is watching. That is what you call seizing the moment—moments that were magically seized by EdXphotography.

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Photographer: EdXphotography


Full Circle

Wedding has become more than just a one-day event. Couples, nowadays, find ways to make their journey toward the big day unique yet memorable. Before, photographers were just contacted to cover the wedding day. Photographers—and videographers—today, moreover, are hired to creatively capture the engagement, bachelor/bachelorette’s party, and pre nuptial shoots. It only shows how proud the couple is of each other, or how addicted Filipinos are to just being photographed.

Kidding aside, we feature not only Jim and Jane’s wedding, but also their two pre nuptial shoots. And yes, you read that right.

This couple had one of their pre nuptial shoots in a concrete jungle that is Singapore. Despite the astonishing backdrops, the couple still managed to shine. Gary of Feline Bridal managed to do that. It was beautifully taken, nonetheless. There is a story and it was narrated well. However, our Filipino photographers did not disappoint, as well, and met the standards as they spearheaded another pre nuptial shoot in our motherland, the Philippines. We say the concept is impeccable. The backdrop is even more otherworldly.  That shot at the tip of a high-rock formation with Grecian pillars is dramatic, whereas that silhouette shot in the water with beaming lights is abstractedly gorgeous. We have never seen anything like these before and we cannot thank Anthony Co Photography enough for this masterpiece.

There is no denying why these amazing moments were replicated in the wedding day. Held in Iglesia Ni Cristo Capitol QC, followed by the reception in Fernwood Gardens, the two shared more wonderful moments to everyone, and it was all captured by Anthony Co Photography, again.

Surely, the journey does not stop there as the two is now facing the true meaning of marriage, not just a mere event.

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Wedding Coordinator: Nolan Alcantara of Detalyado Events / Wedding Reception: Fernwood Gardens / Wedding Ceremony: Iglesia Ni Cristo Capitol QC / Wedding Hair and Make Up Artists: Nybie Ng & Paola of Make up Artistry by Nybie Ng / Prenup Hair and Make Up Artists: Camille Villaruel of Make Up by CC & Lily of Feline Bridal / Wedding Photo & PH Prenup: Anthony Co of Anthony Co Photography / Prenup Photo SG: Gary of Feline Bridal / Video: Lec of IGS Cinema / Florist: Ysabela Florist / Wedding Gown: Erich Miñoza Couture / Groom Suit: Domanchi Singapore / Entourage Gown: Gerli Edrosa Couture / Caterer: Juan Carlo Catering