Trophy Tandem

Days are gone when there are still trophy husbands or wives. We are now entering an era where in the couple is celebrated in their own turfs. We would like to call it then, the trophy tandem. And today’s feature is a terrific example. Mong is a guitarist of two of the most successful live bands in the country, whereas Mel is a Cannes Film Festival winner. See!? Can this get any better or bigger? Looking past their achievements, we can see through the pictures how much in love they are with each other and how lucky they are to find a more worthy trophy in their daughter.

Anyhow, the wedding has surely been filled with laughter, tears, and music. The small accents in paper and water color palette have completely made the wedding an indie- hippie one. And we are loving it. But what we are most suprised with is to find out that her beautiful, couture-looking gown was only bought from Landmark. Yes, you have read it right! The wedding gown is an RTW from the mall and was only tweaked using embellishments from Divisoria. Oops, make sure to wipe your jaws on the floor. We applaud Jeff and Lisa Photography for this photo essay. Thank you!

We also want to extend our congratulations to The Jason Magbanua for the wedding video. The rings running down the smooth texture of the gown is pure genius and goose bump-worthy. Bow down to you, Jason!

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Preps: Seda Nuvali / Church: Montecito Chapel, Nuvali / Reception venue: Pasa Tiempo, Montecito / Bride’s dress and veil: Landmark and Divisoria / Groom’s suit: Topman / Makeup: Jhong Sudlon / Hair: Jay Aquino / Invitations: Printsonalities / On-the-day Wedding Coordinator: Empire Weddings / Flowers and event styling: Flowers by Rosabella / Boutonnieres and decorations: Popjunklove / Caterer: Via Mare | Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Cake: Karen’s Kitchen / Lights and sounds: Sound Assembly / Parachute Tents: Joe’s Party Shop and Flowers by Rosabella / Church Choir: Koro San Miguel / Jazz Band: Sticky / Music: Tandems 91, Mars Miranda, Nix Damn P / Wedding planners: The bride and her awesome mom / Photographer: Jeff and Lisa Photography


The venue plays a vital part especially in a beach wedding. Good thing, Philippines has thousands of the most exotic and breathtaking beaches in the world. Add the most inviting beach resorts in different parts of the country, and then you will have more than a handful choice to choose from–Coron Island, El Nido, Bataan, and Batangas, just to name a few. But among these places, we can fairly say, La Union has emerged to be one of the most popular for the beautiful, serene music its feet-high waves produce.

Look at the photos in the wedding of Bong and Jek by Paolo Feliciano. The stillness of Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa adds solemnity to the event. It looks deafeningly peaceful. The shots where the couple is by the shore give us the impression how calm the event has been, and that is what the wedding should be: free from stress. Thank you, Paolo, for executing these well. These make us want to got to La Union and have an ocular visit right away.

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Photography: Paolo Feliciano / Hair and Makeup: Coiffeur / Flowers: The Flower Garden / Location: St. John the Baptist Church, San Juan, La Union, Philippines / Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa, San Juan, La Union, Philippines