Spoken Love

It is throwback Thursday and we feature an engagement shoot that is worth remembering in the years to come. This e-session tells the story of Lemjay and Cecile who take this shoot closer to home. The couple opts for a DIY shoot that results to beautiful outtakes. Lemjay as the photographer and Cecile as the stylist, they come up with a magnificent shoot that has vintage and retro vibe. Lemjay recently told us about his relationship with Cecile. He utters,

“Cecile and I have been together for 11 years before we finally tied the knot last May 03, 2014.  During those years of being together, we always tried to make it to a point that we document our travels and our special moments together.  Because I was doing photography as a hobby back then, I always had my camera and tripod with me wherever we went and was able to collect lots of photos of us together.   We were so used being in front of the camera and taking our own photos that we decided to DIY our own engagement photos.  And since I won’t be able to shoot my fiancée’s portraits during our big day, this was my only opportunity to capture her photos formally.

A few months before our big day, armed with my camera, a tripod, a remote shutter, my wife-to-be then as our stylist and with our hair & make-up artists friends, these are the images that we were able to produce.

Since I fell in love shooting portraits of couples and show their love in a frame, my wife and I recently began providing Engagement Photo Shoots here in Singapore.  This is an opportunity for us to show our vision to our clients, and at the same time bring them to places here in Singapore that not the usual tourists knows and can access – giving them a unique feel in each photograph.”

This couple will certainly look back at their story as they move forward as man and wife.

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Location:  Hacienda Isabella, Silang Cavite / Photographer:  LemjayLucas Photography / Stylist:  Cecile Jagua-Lucas / Hair:  Sean Clores / Make-up:  Keighty Wong

Beyond the Walls

Intramuros became a popular backdrop for engagement shoot, reception venue, and even for outdoor weddings. This so –called walled city was once the top of mind of couples and wedding photographers for shoots because of the elegance that this place exudes and the history it entails. We strongly believe, though, that Intramuros today, despite several equally interesting place that mushroomed in the metro, is still a go-to place for shoots, and we feel like that it has so much more to offer.

This is true and to prove, here are the photos delightfully taken by Jay Santos. This is the e-session of the good looking pair, Ken and Mayzelle, who can be seen in fine outfits. But inspite of the beautiful pieces they are wearing, we love even more the couple’s passion. And this is evident here. The passion they bring transcends through those formidable walls and goes beyond our screens. That is what this walled city can offer. See and feel it!

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