Ever After

We are starting off this week by treating you with a new unwritten tale. This is rather told by the couple’s fairy god team.

Michael and Chiara’s wedding seems like a spinoff of a classic fairytale we were once told about. Just like you, we are in awe seeing the wedding dress of the bride. It is immaculate. How often do you see a bride in a long sleeve, modified A-line dress with a hem line that goes for days and carried out well? Not often, right? But Chiara has pulled off a modern fairytale gown, contrasted by an olden veil. This divine dress is, nonetheless, stitched by the couple’s fairy godfather, John Cuenco.

The styling of the reception actually looks like a banquet in a palace. It is light and clean, and is embellished in whites and silvers. The candles and bright lights also add sophistication to the event. We could not thank this couple enough, but we also have to thank Foreveryday Photography and OneCarlo Photography, and their magical skills–or wands, eh–for letting us peek at this chapter. This could easily be one of the best tales ever unwritten, but we are sure that this couple will live happily ever after.

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Church: Immaculate Conception Cathedral (Cubao) /  Reception: Light of Love Events Place / Catering:  K by Cunanan / Preparation: Luxent Hotel / Photographers: Foreveryday Photography and OneCarlo Photography / Videographer: Vidlens Productions / Bridal Gown: John Cuenco / Hair and Make Up: Mitch Camaclang / Cake: Iko’s Bakeshop / Wedding Rings: Mayfair Jewelry / Invitation: Urbanista Invites / Bridal Car: APerfectDayWedCar / Misalette: N3 Prints / Lights and Sound: SoundTech / Groom’s Attire: Onesimus, Tieline, Tyler, Sledgers

Before I do: Planning the Wedding with a Wedding Planner

As we mentioned before and as you know it, planning a wedding is indeed challenging. The stress could be daunting and sometimes could get the best of you. Hence, some couples employ a team to work with them to co-plan, organize, and execute the wedding plan. We use the term ‘co-plan’ because as the couple, you basically have the whole idea what your wedding should look like but you just do not know how to execute this idea or you do not have the luxury of time to put it to action. This is where a wedding planner comes in.

We recently had the chance to chat with Queenie Rodriguez of Vanilla Sky to talk about planning your wedding and working with a wedding planner. The ever-bubbly and enthusiastic, Rodriguez, is the Creative Director of this team which mission is “to elevate celebrations into a happy art of careful and creative planning and execution while providing the celebrants with expert assistance on budget handling, logistics, ergonomics, technical details, and manpower”. Rodriguez is armed with a degree in Interior Design from the Philippine School of Interior Design and the De Lasalle-College of St. Benilde, and she provides technical knowledge on event essentials such as color theory, elements and principles of design, lighting, and space planning. Together with her husband, she manages a Lights and Sounds company that provides her with training on show production—an essential part of event coordination.

Here are the 5 Facts on Planning Your Event by Queenie Rodriguez:

  • Do I need a Wedding Planner?

For many of us, having no time to plan your wedding might cause delay and postponement of this important occasion. Many times, postponing is not an option.   If your job or business does not give you the freedom to be hands-on, or most importantly, on the financial side, if paying a certain amount for a wedding planner to act as your secretary or Event planning officer will enable you to be more productive and use your time in more profitable activities, then hiring a wedding planner is for you.

Some brides would need a Wedding Planner who will conceptualize for her, plan everything and just present the concept boards to her and basically do everything.

Some brides have their own ideas and concepts already, and would even love to DIY if time permits, and even have a network of suppliers of her own, but is just simply too busy to organize it.  She would need a Wedding Planner to keep track of her ideas and help her maximize her available time.

  •  What can I expect from my Wedding Planner?

Just like in running your business or working for your boss, when you appoint a certain staff to get details and organize a certain assignment for you, so will your Wedding Planner be in charge of the progress of planning your event.  It will also remove a lot of guess work as to the reliability and credibility of your other wedding suppliers, since your Wedding Planner will provide you a heads up on the back ground of these suppliers.

Your wedding planner should not force you to take her recommended suppliers.  On the other hand, do keep in mind that when your wedding planner recommends suppliers to you, that would be for a very good reason.

Quality and prices change over the years, and your Wedding Planner will keep you up to date on the latest options available.

  • What is the difference between Full Coordination and Half?

The reality is it is hard to quantify what is Full and Half.  For Vanilla Sky, we quantify the Wedding Planning service only after a thorough interview and consultation of the client.  Then after listing the planning services, that’s when we can actually quote a price.  The printed packages are for illustration purposes only since clients are more familiar with the terms Full and Half Coordination.

  • There are so many events coordinators, how do I choose?

The most primary reason for choosing a team to work for you is how comfortable you are with them.  The same way you will be choosing suppliers like your Makeup artist and caterer.  This is because the market is very competitive.

But although there are many good events coordinators out there, unfortunately there are many who are also not truly specializing in this line.  The first thing to do is to short list the authentic, established, and reliable suppliers.  Then that’s when you choose base on the budget, the qualifications, and the personal service quality you experience upon your consultation.

  • I have many friends and relatives who can volunteer to do my On-the Day Coordination, must I still get a Coordination Team?

Despite the good intentions of well-meaning friends and relatives, engaging a professional team trained in logistics, production, lights and sounds, theater and stage, and general event management is still the best option.  For a reasonable fee, you get such a team and more, for they have uniforms, radios, and an invaluable network of suppliers and up-to-date information on the current best suppliers of goods and services in the industry.  Furthermore, coordinating the event actually takes a lot of time, and manual effort, which, if your friends and relatives are guests at your wedding, would hinder them from having a relaxed, good time. In the long term, we don’t want them to think of your wedding as a day that they got stressed out.

Many couples, nowadays, become more hands-on when it comes to planning and organizing their wedding. This is their wedding, after all. They go for DIY to reflect their commitment and personalities, and to save money. But looking for and hiring a wedding planner would not hurt either, if you want ease and efficiency.

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