Do you remember your toddler days when you took your parents’ hands and dragged them to carnivals to see those bright lights, dancing fountains, amiable characters and mascots, and those rides that tickle you? Do you still remember what it feels like to be young again and be in the happiest place on earth? Why? Because we still do! And this carnival-themed engagement shoot even make us want to hastily swing by the nearest amusement park.

This local carnival called perya is the backdrop of Dean and Anya’s e-session. But Jerold Donal, the man behind the shoot, manages to take this peryaan to the next level. It is as amusing as the location, no less. Aside from the setting, what we love about this shoot is the attire of the couple. It is colorful and goes together with the background. Both are done with intricacies especially the groom-to-be who seems to be wearing a t’boli polo. We will make sure then that we can pull off this attire the next time we visit the carnival and be merry-go-round.

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Photographer: Jerold Donal

Wildest Moments

Today’s feature could be the most well-thought-out engagement shoot for this year. It is so enthralling that you would actually think it is an editorial shoot for fashion magazines. Metrophoto team did it again. This team is on a winning streak and seems like they do not run out of creativity. Milk their minds out and we are sure this team can still deliver. Kudos to you!

We love everything about this e-session of Rocky and Joyce. They opt for an African Safari-themed shoot, and we could not be any more astounded. The costumes are on point, especially the man who is in a tribal outfit. The profile shot of this tribesman focusing the face-paint and nose ring gives us chills. And the animals that are freely roaming around look like they are trained for fashion shoots. It makes you want to adopt one, to be honest. Metrophoto is right when they say, “The distinctness of the concept and the magnificence of the place combine to what came-up to be a truly captivating set of photographs.” This shoot only magnifies how mad their skills are. And oh, wait, this shoot is not shot in the grasslands of Africa or South America, this is just in Palawan.

Beware for you may find yourself gasping for air as you look at these stills.

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Photographer: Metrophoto