A Long and Lasting Love

Julius and Rhea took us into an elegant mood in their engagement shoot in Singapore. They dressed up gorgeously and we can see in these timeless photos snapped by Innographs their mystical journey in life that will linger in your thoughts forever.

These are the couple’s words to one another:

Julius: In life, you interact with a lot of different people, but only once in a lifetime you will find someone who will be your everything. That special someone you’ve always dreamed of and the perfect one you will love and commit to spend the rest of your life with. And that is you Mahal, to me.”
Rhea: I am forever grateful that I have met you, befriend you, and finally, fell in love with you. Being miles apart was never a problem for our long distance relationship because we trust each other. You’ve always given me your all and helped me work things through. Now that we are together, I’m excited and ready to start the new chapter of my life with you, as my husband.”

Distance will never matter as long as you dream together to a promise of forever. You can see in their eyes and smile the long and lasting love they have with each other. A love that will last for a lifetime; a love that will conquer the world.

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Photographer: Innographs


Souls in Seoul

Perhaps there is nothing more challenging than filming your own story and capturing every precious moment, particularly your own engagement shoot. It could be daunting yet priceless. And this has apparently been true to Vidlens‘ main man, Brian Carambas, who shares this special moment of his life with his girl, and now fiancée, Lara. These two souls went to Seoul, South Korea not for soul-searching but for soul-enriching journey together toward the day they become man and wife.

We can feel that Brian pours his heart out to capture what he calls a “silhouette of perfection”. He then tells Merry to Marry,

“…everyone—viewer or client—will see how passionate I am about my work as a wedding videographer. Every moment is sacred; every shoot is important. I am not sharing this film to brag this about, but to tell everyone how proud I am of our special moments. Much credit should be given to Lara who inspires me to do great at work, to capture more inspiring stories and to produce films with heart.”

We do not know if that does not melt your hearts. What we are sure of is that they have met their soul partners in each other. We just hope we soon find ours.

Videographer: Vidlens