If Dreams Were Wings

“…and if dreams were wings, I would have flown to you…”

If angels could get married in heaven, this is how they would look. These dreamy engagement photos radiate sweetness, innocence, and light. And that pillow fight is pure gold! Looking at these photos almost makes me feel like I could float up into the air like a balloon.

Here’s a dose of positivity to help you forget that dreadful morning commute. 😉

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Photographer: Jaja Samaniego Lifestyle Photography / Styling and Set Design: Lifestyle by Feliz /Coloring and Layout: Lifestyle by Feliz / Hair and Make up: Fritz Mortel / Coordination: Joed See

Match Made in Heaven

I don’t know what it is about childhood sweethearts that tug at the heartstrings, but here’s a kilig love story to rival that of Darla and Alfalfa. This stunning couple met in Sunday school ten years ago, and they’ve finally gotten married!

Vidlens captures perfectly that exquisite blend of tension, anticipation, and excitement that is ever present during a wedding. Plus, the secret smiles between the bride and groom who are so in love, it makes me giddy. And I cannot get over 4:10, when the bride makes her entrance and the groom is overcome with so much emotion. Ah my heart! Where’s a tissue when you need one?

Videographer: Vidlens Productions