Special Feature: How To Achieve That Perfect Bridal Look

Every woman blooms beautifully like flowers in the sea of greens and yellows especially during her wedding day. There is a certain glow that exudes in every bride. At the same time, wedding makeup artists help brides release this bottled-up beauty and turn them into amazing women. Recently, we chatted with Jo Chan, the lady behind Jo Chan Make Up Artistry, to tell us how to achieve that perfect bridal look.

Jo exclaims that creating that ideal bridal makeup begins by carefully analyzing your bride’s face, skin type, and skin tone. By doing this, you can determine the best products to use in order to bring out the best in her and to enhance that natural beauty.

Jo personally loves the fresh, barely-there makeup look for her brides. It’s very classic, timeless, and sophisticated. It gives every bride that glowing radiance up close and best captured in photographs. She believes that less is more. A beautiful, natural makeup should not look like a mask, but feels like your second skin. It should not totally change how your bride looks, but only accentuates her best feature.

Here are the simple ways on achieving the perfect bridal look. This is for every future bride and for aspiring wedding makeup artists.


Always start with a clean face. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer, and just let the skin completely absorb it. Primer, meanwhile, is extremely important. It is a vital part of the process. This helps makeup adhere better to skin and makes it last longer.


Concealers are used only when and where it is needed, such as prominent dark circles around eye area and blemishes. Concealers also help in even out the skin tone if there is a discoloration.

Finding the right shade and type of foundation is the key to beautiful makeup. Apply sparingly and lightly blending along the hairline and jawline pulling it towards the neck to even out color. It should look invisible to the skin.

Then, lightly set foundation with translucent powder to remove excess oil and prepare for color application.


Neutrals and earth tone eye shadows are best for bridal makeup. It gives that depth and perks up eyes without making it look overdone. A thin black liner on the upper lash line, meanwhile, gives emphasis to the eyes, and a flesh-toned liner on the inner rim can make eyes look bigger while it neutralizes redness for a fresher look.

Light stroke of mascara also adds volume and lengthens the lashes, making eyes sexier. Use waterproof type to prevent smudging when bride starts tearing up, which almost always happens. And adding a nice pair of natural hair false lashes is a very good option to liven the eyes.


Well-defined brow makes a huge difference. It frames the face, adds definition to the eyes, and gives that lift which can make one look younger. Following the natural shape of the brow and hair growth pattern, fill in the gaps using brow cream or powder, and a shade lighter in feathery stroke gives that natural brow look.


Choose a blush shade that makes the skin glow. Sweep a light blush on the apples of the cheeks blending well in upward motion toward the hairline. Then, adding a bit highlight on top of the cheekbone can give luminosity, but do not apply too much as it will reflect to lightings, making face look greasy.

Contour moderately. It is not flattering for brides to look very structured. You want her to look like an angel, walking down the aisle looking so divine.


Be sure that lips are moisturized. Choose a shade that complements the blush. Use a lip liner to outline the lips, then apply lipstick. Give it a dab of shine for a more kissable lip.

Be careful in choosing a lip color, as others tend to make teeth look yellowish. Best to keep your lip color soft & subtle.


The best makeup is your smile. Wear it beautifully, and smile with your heart and soul.

These are just some of the valuable tips to achieve that perfect bridal look. This if for everyone because, as Chan highlights, every bride deserves to look perfectly stunning on her wedding day. Nothing feels more inspiring than seeing that smile on her face and feeling how extremely excited she wants to flaunt it. Every bride deserves to look more beautiful.

Make Up Artist: Jo Chan Make Up Artistry

To The Summit

An engagement shoot can be challenging and taxing, especially if it’s done outdoors. At the same time, shooting outside the studio or indoors is way more fun. Despite how difficult the location may be or the inclement weather, the outcome will always be worth the challenge.

You may have already seen couples who had their e-session outside the country, others who chose the sea to be the backdrop, and others who went the extra miles, only literally. Just like Paul and Lian who trekked miles to get a taste of the paradise, that is Mt. Pulag.

While embraced by the cool wind, this couple caught the sunrise that gave them warm kisses. The sun was starting to peak in as the couple started posing fashionably in front of the lens. It seems like this session also became a travel blog captured beautifully by Chestknots Studios. Every photo, nonetheless, feels like we are following the journey of this young couple.

Let’s tread this path, hold my hand, and never let go.

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Photographer: Chestknots Studios / Styling: Lifestyle by Feliz / Videographer: Notion in Motion / Make Up: Lian Capili