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Tuesday Tips: 5 Wedding Guest Etiquettes You Should Know

Wedding is an event that the couple will cherish forever. It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime (for some) event. It is one of those occasions that they put a tons of effort in. Couples pour their hearts, minds, and souls out, as well as, blood, sweat and tears. As a beloved guest, your presence alone is more important than the gifts. Assuming this is right for everyone, the only thing you can give back as a guest is respect.

Respect talks about how you behave and present yourself throughout the event. There are several unwritten rules concerning about wedding etiquettes, but today we list down the 5 most common. These are things you will think as “common sense”, but we often neglect or forget.

Photo from Myio Okamoto Photography

Please do RSVP: We your busy and you don’t know your schedule will be in 2 months time, but that’s the purpose couples send all invitations way earlier–for you to save the date for this special day. Please RSVP immediately. Do not leave them hanging. You are not the only one who is invited! Freeloaders are not allowed: If the invitation says that there is only one seat that is reserved for you then so be it. Do not bring your plus ones, especially if the person is not close with any of the couples (or especially if they don’t like him).

Photo from Myio Okamoto Photography

Leave your white dress at home: Okay, you should know by now that most brides wear white gowns, right? So do not wear you white dress even if it is your favorite, or your most flattering dress. It’s a no no. Leave the white dress to the bride! Unplug: Couples hire photographers to take photos of their wedding and because they want you guys to be fully present and enjoy the whole time. We’re sure your social media friends and followers can’t wait. So unplug and better turn your phones off.

Don’t get wasted: Yes, it calls for a celebration but be mindful of your alcohol limits. We all know some people change in the worst possible way when they are drunk. So please leave all our problems behind or don’t be too excited. Pacing is a key. It is best for your safety as well, especially if you are driving home.

Photo from Myio Okamoto Photography