Francis Libiran’s Love Affair

As a household name in the fashion industry, many brides dream of one day wearing a gown designed by Francis Libiran. Francis’ love affair for fashion and design began at an early age and was first inspired by his mother, Rebecca, who later became one of the major influences of his career choice. As he fondly recalls, Francis would go with his mother to the atelier and watch her try on gowns. He was mesmerized with the magic and wonder of the experience- the materials, the textures, the colors, the different cuts of each gown. Most of all, he was impacted by how the perfect gown of the perfect fit would make a woman exhume confidence and beauty.

He envisioned himself as a designer, giving that same transformative feeling to others. Sketching designs in the back of his notebooks became a hobby during his formative years. Francis’ knack for design eventually led him to take up architecture in UST. However, Francis didn’t last long as an architect; fashion design had a stronghold on Francis’ life and he took on courses at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. After years in the industry, Francis Libiran has become a fashion icon in the Philippines and has made a name for himself in Hollywood as a leading fashion designer. Francis Libiran’s creations are one-of-a-kind and simply inspirational.

Francis Libiran’s love affair for fashion eventually led him to creating wedding gowns. Francis says that the fulfillment he gets in creating the most important gown a woman will ever wear is priceless. He recalls making his first wedding gown years ago for his neighbor in Quezon City. From that moment forward, Francis dreamed of reaching a wider audience and giving brides the once-in-a-lifetime fantasy that they’ve always dreamed of- he hoped his creations could touch more lives. This motivation was the impetus for Francis Libiran Bridal– a luxury bridal boutique that was inspired by every bride.

Conveniently located at Greenbelt 5, Francis Libiran Bridal brings Francis Libiran’s designs to even more brides, many times internationally. Currently, aside from local clients, Francis Libiran Bridal also caters to customers from Australia, Europe, Dubai, USA and more. Francis coined the term “Made-to-Measure” gowns, which is a unique concept that allows brides to customize and enhance RTW gowns designed by Francis Lbiran. A soon-to-be bride can choose a design and make it her own by having her measurements taken and adding additional beading and embellishments to any gown. Each design, like all of his creations, is a piece that began with its own unique inspiration. Every gown has its own character and distinct aesthetic to match every bride’s preferences and personality. Francis Libiran Bridal also offers accessories such as belts, headpieces, and robes as well as a full line of RTW entourage gowns.

When asked to give advice to aspiring designers, Francis advises that, though it will not come easy, if you really want to pave a path as a designer you have to truly want it with everything inside of you. Having a distinct identity and aesthetic will also give you an edge in the industry- you have to find yourself and be original in everything that you do to be a successful bridal designer.

Francis Lbiran Bridal gowns, now available exclusively at Greenbelt 5, have 4 different price points: P88,000, 128,000, 168,000, and 188,000.

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